The Gift of Service

You’re a member of A.A. if you say you are. We don’t demand any contribution, neither in time or money.

However if you want to enjoy all the benefits of membership, in an international fellowship, most people find that sitting on the edges looking at the activity is not enough, they want to be involved. In A.A., this involvement is called doing service.

Service can take on several different forms.
It might be making coffee, or cleaning up at your home-group meeting, essential tasks without which, the meeting wouldn’t work. One of the reasons that Continental European Region exists, is to enable English speaking members to do service in countries, where the language barrier might make it difficult for them to do so, or in some cases where there is no local fellowship.

We encourage members to take on a service position especially that of  meeting secretary. You would be a key holder and responsible for opening and closing a weekly meeting. This could be for a month, several months or even a year or more if you really like it.

Another way to help is to volunteer to be one of several members who take turns to open a weekly meeting. Perhaps once a month or maybe just to cover somebody else holidays.

email us at or simply mention it at the next meeting.